The atheists believe in everything
except the Bible and the Lord
they think they came from monkeys
or some strange animal horde
because they do not want
God as their solution
they came up with a hair-brained scheme
and called it evolution
so now instead of creation
it is taught that man evolved
but the problem of sin
never does get solved
also there’s the theory
that they named big bang
but as far as the evidence
there’s no proof from that gang
so if you are one of those
who thinks Grandma came from apes
you have been watching
too many Hollywood video tapes
you see, all men are born in sin
especially men like Charles Darwin
the only answer is to REPENT
of all this foolish folly
receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour
and you will not be sorry
believe the Bible, that it’s true
your life will soon be changed
and you will see that evolution
has no thread
on which to hang


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