By Hope Lyman
(when she was 15)

Many books have come and gone
since the days of long ago
but one book still remains
It’s the Word of God, you know

The Holy Bible, we call it
twas inspired by God you see
and that is why it has lasted
through all ages of history

Some “scholars” try to undermine
this blest books authority
but God made us a promise
that will last through eternity

Others say you cannot understand
the real meaning true and deep
unless of course, if you can read
the Hebrew and the Greek

Still there are others out there
who claim it’s not for today
You don’t need to obey what you read
it’s just an ideal” they say

The reason God gave us this book
is plain and clear to see
it tells us all have sinned
and Christ died to pay sins penalty

So believe what you read
in God’s Holy Word
For Christ has promised us
He’ll take us from this world

But God has also said
that those who will not heed
will perish if in the Book of Life
their names He does not read


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