Wilson Anderson stood before the Lord as his entire life was displayed from his birth to his death.

Everything was there; his childhood temper tantrums, his rebellion towards his parents as a teenager and the many wild and sinful actions during those years. Many scenes of drunkenness and swearing were pictured throughout his life. The terrified man shuddered as over and over he saw himself saying words that were vulgar and wicked. One of the more common of those phrases was taking the Lord’s name in vain. Previous to this time, Wilson certainly didn’t consider these words to be wrong or sinful, but as he stood now before the Saviour of the world, the HOLY LORD JESUS, the timid man felt ashamed and wretched.

The Son of God spoke to the angel that was on His left. The beautiful creature opened one of the set of books that was in front of him. “On November 14th, 1963, a high school classmate attempted to explain to you that the Lord Jesus Christ died to save you from your sins. You cursed him and then physically assaulted him.” The being continued, “On May 4th, 1970 another servant of the Most High God, a co-worker, asked if you had ever renounced your sin and turned to the Lord. You called her a fanatic and publicly mocked her. Finally, December 30th of the year 1999, a gospel tract was placed on your vehicle, and upon discovering it, you tore it up and threw it to the ground.”

The angel authoritatively addressed him now. “Wilson A. Anderson, despite these attempts for the Saviour to reach you with the everlasting gospel, you constantly rejected Him. You chose to follow your path and not the path of God. If you had only turned from your way of sin and turned to the Saviour, He would have delivered you from your sin and set you on the path of righteousness. The Lord Jesus Christ came to deliver you Wilson A. Anderson from eternal punishment. The Holy Lord God came to earth in the form of a man and lived the perfect and sinless life that neither you, nor any anyone, could have lived. Then He was put on a cross, where men whom He created, drove nails through His hands and watched Him suffer and die.” The angel looked directly into Wilson’s eyes. “The Lord Jesus Christ, Lord of all, was punished for your sins, for your wickedness, yet you chose to reject Him.” The creature closed the books in front of him. “Wilson A. Anderson, you are hereby sentenced to eternity in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone. There will NEVER be an escape from this horrible place. It has always been the desire of the Lord that you would not perish, but that you would yield to His call, that your sins would be forgiven you.”

Wilson screamed in horror, dropping immediately to his knees. He barely heard the angel’s wings as two of them appeared and picked up the distraught and powerless man. As Wilson Anderson looked down thousands of feet below at the enormous lake that was described only seconds ago, he could feel the immense heat painfully piercing his body. Helplessly, Wilson fell. And before he reached the flames that would forever be his home, his last thoughts were, If only I had listened. But now it was too late.


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