Buster Story was quite disturbed. If the calendar had not assured him, the distraught man would not have been positive that today was Monday and not a Friday, as typically the first day of the work week was the one day that was usually filled with diverse problems and situations.
At the very start of the day, Buster's kind wife informed him that the toaster, for no apparent reason, suddenly ceased working. And poached eggs, the favorite breakfast for this energetic and organized man, were certainly not the same without two pieces of toasted bread. Then, as Buster was leaving at his normal time, which was 8 A.M, he discovered that his late model Oldsmobile had a flat tire! That's right, an honest to goodness, not going any where, completely motionless for eternity....flat tire! So after twenty minutes of toil and labor, the frustrated 40 year old salesman changed the tire himself. Though coming very close to calling his auto road service, the astute-thinking Buster Story realized that half of his day would probably be over by the time they responded to his call. And of course, thanks to the grime and sweat now deposited on his body, the tired man found it necessary to shower again...for the second time in two hours.
Now these events were enough to destroy the day of this careful and time conscious person, but alas, there were more occurrences to follow the fellow for which we are concerned with presently.
Driving slightly fast, something Buster did not commonly do, he was quite surprised when the fancy sports car next to him, suddenly decided to pass him. And pass he did! The teenage driver smiled at Buster with a smart look in his eyes-that is until the boy realized that directly in front of him was a semi-truck going full speed! instantly, the sports car dodged ahead of Buster's luxury automobile, nearly hitting the front end! Reacting instinctively and defensively, the salesman suddenly veered his vehicle off the road, where the car spun in a half-circle and landed squarely in the center of a large...and very deep...ditch. Shaking his head for the sheer reason of clearing it, Buster angrily jumped out of his car. Unbelievable! Now I'll surely be late, very late in fact, for work! Of all days: stacked up paperwork, the Cheek couple showing up to pick their new car and the noon meeting with Mark Jarrell owner of Jarrell Oldsmobile. Knowing that it would surely be hours for a tow truck to make it out here this time of morning, the neatly dressed salesperson did the only thing that would make him feel somewhat better. Buster appropriately slammed his fist into the hood of the car! "Ow!" Needless to say, this move him no satisfaction and now he was clutching his sore and very red, hand. Seconds later though, Buster was on his cellphone. As he correctly guessed, it would be more than two hours later when he was told that help would arrive. His physical help, that is.
The rest of this particular Friday went much like the beginning, but not quite as severely. The Cheeks never appeared and the meeting with Mr. Jarrell was canceled. However the paperwork did manage to get done. Due to the other things falling through, Buster had more time on his hands then expected. At 5:00 P.M. Buster was ready to go. As he grabbed his briefcase however, Mr. Jarrell came out the door. A stranger was next to him, but when Mr. Jarrell was called back into the office, he just quickly nodded to Buster and disappeared. Instead of following the business owner however, the suited stranger walked in Buster's direction. "Are you going north on the highway, by chance?" the newcomer questioned.
Buster knew that any associate or friend of Mr. Jarrell certainly better be treated right. "Sure am, hop in, "he said. Seconds later, the two were off in Buster story's Oldsmobile. "So, what a day" Stated Buster, "I don't know about yours, but I should have stayed in bed. It was a ruined Friday for me, that's what it was." The passenger smiled and gave a consoling look to the man next to him. "Maybe you should be thankful to God that nothing else happened?" Buster stared in disbelief at his passenger. "Listen, acquaintance to Jarrell or not, you must be crazy. Now I am a christian...I accepted Christ many years ago. But believe me, there is nothing today to thank God about, not a thing!" The stranger sat in silence for a moment, then... "Let me off here if you would Mr. Story." Buster laughed. "You're kidding right? There isn't even an exit near here." Eyeing his surroundings, Buster saw nothing even remotely like a home of any type of residential or even business area... Smiling for the second time since he got in the vehicle, the passenger spoke again. "It's okay, I can get home from here very quickly." Buster looked over in dismay. "Are you sure that you want dropped off here?" he asked. Nodding, the suited man stated, "Thanks for the ride Mr. Story, this will be fine." The car slowed and the passenger door opened. Being intrigued by this person, Buster leaned over and inquired, "hey, what's your name anyway?" The other man closed the door and peered through the window. M.E. Singer" he responded. "Thank you again and have a wonderful day now, Mr. Story." Oddly, the strange man turned and began to walk back the exact direction from which they had just came! Buster was pondering over the man's unique name as he pulled back onto the highway. No first name, just two initials and the last name. M.E. Senger. Curiously, the salesman glanced in the rear-view mirror, wondering just where his companion was headed. When Buster saw no one, he hit the brakes, stopped the vehicle and looked out the back window. All he saw was pasture and highway. Where did he go? Concerned as well as mystified, Buster Story got out of his car and scanned every possible direction! For miles there was nothing but pavement and open land. There was no sign of life and in fact, a person would have nowhere to even hide in this area. Bewildered, Buster climbed back into his Oldsmobile and headed for home. As soon as he got in the door, the curious salesman went to the phone and called his employer. "I am sorry to bother you, Mr. Jarrell, but I had a question for you concerning that friend of yours that was at the dealership today." The owner sounded quite confused, so Buster attempted to clarify. "The man that walked out with you at 5:00 o'clock when I was leaving. Remember, you waved at me...the gentleman in the dark suit." The voice over the receiver was clear. "Sorry Buster, I recall seeing you, but no one came out with me or was standing with me at that time." Deciding to put an end to this obvious embarrassment, Buster apologized for the misunderstanding and said goodbye. The mentally exhausted man shook his head. What a strange thing? Shrugging it off, he went about his normal nightly duties and then went to sleep.
So, let us look at the unseen events of this day in which one of the Master's children stated that there was nothing to be thankful for. At 6:45 A.M.,an angel sent by the Maker to the Story home unplugged the toasting device, which, having a short in the wires, would have caused a tragic fire. At 7:55, the same messenger let the air out of Buster Story's front tire. If the angel's charge, the focus of our story, had left for work at the regular time, he would have been involved in a fatal accident.
And at 9:00, the salesman did not see the strange and sudden appearance of an unusual being during the incident with the teenage speedster. The invisible creature pushed the youth's car ahead, whereas otherwise it would have collided with the front of Buster's automobile, killing both drivers. And due to Buster's tardiness, he still had his job. You see, salesperson Story was to be fired that day...for constantly turning his paperwork in late. But since the Cheeks did not appear, which was the work of another sent one, and Buster was late, the termination meeting was canceled. As a result, Buster had the time to complete all of his business and completely catch up. When Mr. Jarrell saw his employee's hard labor and diligence, he then had a change of heart and decide to give Mr. Story a second chance.

"Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." Ephesians 5:20

"Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation." Hebrews 1:14

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."
Hebrews 13:2


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