We live in a day where fathers will teach their children to hunt and fish, but will not open the Bible and teach them about Jesus Christ and how to prepare for heaven and hell.
You have only one chance to raise a child.
It is not enough in these wicked days to try to get by with only ten minutes of Bible a day.
If your Christianity did no more for you than give you a place to go to church, then you better check out if you got the real thing.
Do you give the Lord every day the time you used to give the Devil?
You can’t send your children to the world’s schools and expect Godly children.
Some of you women think that God gave you your jobs outside of the home, but the Lord never violates His Word.
Most of God’s people give like they are still making minimum wage.
Are you born again and can you prove it by how you live?
If churches really kept the requirements laid out in the Bible for elders, there would be a shortage
of Pastors in America.
Are you devout enough like Job, that the Devil knows your name.
Not only does HBO stand for Hells Box Office, but ABC stands for Already Been Condemned, CBS stands for Central Blasphemy System and NBC for the Never Been Converted Network.
Though the Bible is available at any dollar store, Wal-mart and K-Mart, we live in a Bible-ignorant society.
Most of you wouldn’t think of throwing away your t.v. set because you just love the world too much.
If some of you ladies spent half as much time in the Word of God as you do in front of the mirror, you just might get an idea of the role God has for Christian women.
If you fathers spent as much time with Jesus as you do your sports teams, you might turn out Godly children.
Godly children or worldly children; whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
Some of you lousy husbands would open the door quicker for a stranger than for your own wife.
The Bible never tells you to pray for a burden for souls.
Most of God’s people would never let a drunkard or a fornicator or a sodomite into their home, but these people are welcomed in every day through the devil-vision set.
If Christians were to give as much towards missions as they do on entertainment, the problem of world evangelization would be solved.
In the pulpits of many of these fancy churches, you hear men like Finney and Edwards quoted. If the godly men of yesteryear were to step into the same churches and preach their same messages, they would be run off within minutes and the “professing” crowd behind them would be shouting “legalist” all the way to the front door.
A church is never stronger than the man behind the pulpit.
The reason why our Christians are so worldly is because most of the men behind the pulpit are.
If you don’t teach that the woman belongs at home, don’t tell me that you believe the whole book!
There will be no revivals as long as the devil-vision stays plugged in.
It used to be a joke to say that someone’s momma wears army boots.
Maybe the reason why you do not have an Acts 20:20 vision for souls is because your spiritual eyesight has been blurred by your love of the world.
The family that ministers together stays together.
Where is the home where God is the Lord
Most Christians will meet Amos in heaven and have no idea what he did.
Most of God’s people will tell the preacher he is wrong at what he preaches, yet they do not even know the Book that God gave us.
100 years ago a Sodomite was unheard of, 50 years ago they were ashamed of themselves, 25 years ago they started creeping out of the closet and now in 2004 if you do not accept that sin,
Live for Christ now while there is still time and live so that you will have no regrets at the Judgment Seat of Christ.


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