so many things are different
in our world today
many things that used to be wrong
are now considered “okay”
kids believe swearing and vulgar talk
are words acceptable to say
not knowing that they will stand before the Judge
one of these days
boys play violent games
and watch trashy picture shows
girls pile on the makeup
and wear only half their clothes
teens are wearing metal rings
in their eyes, their ears, their nose
pretty soon it will be a fad
to have them in their toes
Moms and dads spend more time
watching the television
and know less about the Bible
than football, fashion and fishin’
So the end of this poem
is for you to do what’s right
smash the idiot box
and read the Bible every night
dress up little Suzy
so she’s no longer bare
take away Johnny’s Sega game
and teach him God’s holy names
Sanctify the Lord in your heart
serve him in whole, not just in part
men be men and lead the family
do not waste another day
for because of slothful worldly fathers
many children have gone astray
oh I pray that you will see
the importance of this
and do not waste another day


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